Loan*Calculator! Plus

Loan*Calculator! Plus 3.0

Loan*Calculator! Plus helps us find the best loan solution

Loan*Calculator! Plus, as its name implies, is a loan calculator. This application is designed to help you solve your financial questions. There are seven calculators to choose from. After the calculation is done, this program not only does provide numerical information, but also written advice explaining which loan is more convenient to you, how much you can save by making advance payments, if a second mortgage is a good choice or not, and so on. It is possible to have several calculators and/or written suggestions opened at a time.

From my point of view, this program features an excellent set of calculators for use at home and away from the offices of eager sellers and bankers. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or thinking about refinancing your loan, or want to pay part of your mortgage in advance, or you wish to know the balance of a loan, you may find that the guidance provided by the calculators can help you save a lot of money. The help guide gives information on both the calculators and financial matters. And the best of all: this program is delivered completely free for personal use.

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  • Completely free for personal usage
  • Shows exactly how much money you can save


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